Simplifying Nomenclature of the Content Writing World

Bill Gates’ famous mantra, ‘Content is king’, has rightly been reinforced by ‘Context is queen’. Ability to differentiate between the two, however, holds the key to a successful branding strategy. Sharp and engaging content is every business’ need but usually this is the area that they struggle the most with. While achievement in this field is riding mainly on communication experts but lack of clarity at the commissioning level is a huge deal-breaker.

There is a variety of nomenclature being used in the content industry owing to the immense amount of tools needed for communications. Businesses need to be educated about the difference between all of those. In content scenarios, content writing, content editing, content review, content strategy, writing, being an author, being a blogger and worst of all journalism are often mistaken for each other or mixed up.

The very word content came into existence with the emergence of the World Wide Web where programmers defined anything that wasn’t code as content. So copywriting became content writing when it landed in the world of websites. Content writing, hence, became famous nomenclature for writing, angering each and every writer and author.

While the creative world was struggling to explain this to the masses and businesses alike, blogging came into the picture. Since many journalists began having regular blogs, journalism and blogging was confused with each other. While there was already a mix-up happening with general content writing and business blogging. Emergence of free platforms for the masses has given a major boom to blogging society, creating a huge community of readers/consumers of the internet populace.

Content writing is usually preceded by a plan that is content strategy, however, a review doesn’t necessarily mean creating a content strategy. Many businesses confuse between content writing and content editing despite that these remain one of the most distinct items.

We at The 26Hub abide by the motto Content Matters, we are here to assist you understand and navigate through all the complexities of the creative world’s cataloguing, and create the best line-up of tools and services suited best for your brand needs.

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