Customised Publications: Key to Achieve Target-Driven Marketing Goals

Penetration of digital media widens every year. Time spent by consumers on digital media increases every year. Latest digital tools with user-friendly experience are introduced every year. Several media houses and advertisers alike are investing in interactive digital platforms every year. And print versus digital debate intensifies every year.

Print, however, scored a major point against digital when a neuromarketing study proved that not only a print publication creates a better emotional connection with the advertisement than a digital one but it takes a reader much lesser effort to process information in a physical letter, message or a book than a digital one, making print a more successful marketing tool!

This has made many businesses and organizations value the print publications more when it comes to creating a long-lasting impression on consumers’ mind. A customized publication such as Coffee Table Book (CTB) is one of the most important marketing tools used by organizations.

A CTB is a lasting and collectible physical object that compiles and beautifies the culture, legacy, and heritage of an organization or individual in hardcover. The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of CTB is its ability to define as well as propagate personality. The demographic of target customers is, thus, diverse – businessmen, art students, artists, photographers, etc.

Many businesses and non-profit organizations publish house magazines for external and internal circulation. This is still considered the safest and surest form of information dissemination. The house publication is produced periodically to share recent news and developments within the organization and how all the stakeholders will be affected by the progress.

In-flight magazines are one of the most popular and wide-known customized publications. These magazines talk about the airline company and their recent activities in R&D, CSR and marketing activities. Many international airlines have in-flight shopping magazines. While in-flight WiFi and movies are the most attractive media in flights, there’s hardly any passenger who doesn’t spend a considerable amount of time going through the magazine.

The migration is intense, the transformation is omnipresent but one thing that digital media doesn’t have is just how extremely tangible a printed product is. Turning pages of a book, feeling the glossy paper in hand and the very simple feeling of holding it in hand while natural light can play on it is one of the best experience to be had only with a print product.

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