Yes, your Company Needs Content Marketing

Are you keen to scale up your business, but don’t know how to attract potential customers and retain them? Do you want to be found on search engines? How does your business stay relevant/keep up with the times? And keep customers engaged and informed? If you are nodding to any of the above questions, what your company sorely needs is content marketing.

Content is king when it comes to digital marketing. Content marketing is the art of attracting customers through the medium of written content. When a customer or a visitor looks up a website, the first thing that introduces the company is the content put out on the website. Your website content speaks volumes about the credibility of your company/business. Sloppy/stale/substandard content reflects poorly on the company, and deters the visitors from further engagement. This is where the expertise of content writer/content marketing comes into the picture. A content writer/marketer’s job is to create well-researched, creative, and quality content. A great content has a high probability of being liked, shared and talked about across social sites.

Harnessing the power of social media is extremely crucial in this wired generation. Rigorous marketing on social media is the secret source to staying relevant and thriving for a business today. All MNCs, media houses, and businesses have their own marketing team; content writers work in tandem with the marketing team. The benefits of hiring a good content writer/marketer are manifold.


Take a look:

  1. Brand visibility: Unlike traditional marketing, digital content marketing is cheaper and more effective in creating awareness of the brand amongst prospective buyers.
  2. Creates loyalty, trust and lasting relationships with audience: Original, relevant and informative content hooks a reader and makes them engage with the company and rely on their expertise for future needs/reference.
  3. Build authority and credibility: By virtue of point number 2, credibility is built, and authority established; when you post blogs on relevant/hot topics in your industry, you will likely become the go-to site for the readers/customers.
  4. Generates traffic to your site and generating leads/conversions: Content marketers use SEO tools in order to feature on search engines. This leads to traffic on the site and conversions.
  5. Gaining massive customer base: Promoting your company/business on social media platforms will inevitably draw in new potential customers. And if you have the capital, you can look at promotion through publishing free booklets/newsletters, and coffee table books.


Want to attract customers? Our content marketing team can help by creating engaging content for your business.

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